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When you are arrested for and charged with DUI in Kern County, you will be in danger of facing serious repercussions that will affect various areas of your life. Depending on how you handle this situation and whether you involve an attorney, you may face a criminal conviction and the administrative suspension of your driver’s license by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

DUI (driving under the influence) cases are unique in that they involve two separate proceedings: the criminal court case and the DMV hearing. These operate independently from one another and both may have a serious impact on a driver. The criminal case addresses the criminal charges for driving under the influence. If a driver is found guilty in Kern County, he or she may face imprisonment, fines, community service, probation and alcohol rehabilitation or treatment. The DMV hearing addresses the suspension of the driver’s license by the Department of Motor Vehicles. This suspension will take place if the driver refused or failed a breath test or blood test to determine his or her blood alcohol concentration.

A competent Kern County DUI attorney can provide legal representation to a driver in criminal court and at his or her license suspension hearing. This can make all the difference for a driver, protecting his or her license and also helping him or her avoid imprisonment and other serious criminal penalties. Being involved in both aspects of the case will also offer the attorney a chance to prepare for the criminal court case.

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If you would like to ensure that your legal rights will be asserted and your interests protected in the face of your criminal DUI charges and at your license suspension hearing, now is the time to act and involve a lawyer. Contact a Kern County DUI Lawyer at our law firm to get started today.

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