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These are just some of thousands of cases handled by our office. Frankly, while we have thousands of results similar to these, it would be impossible to post each and every result. We post these results for the sole purpose of imploring individuals charged with a DUI not to give up hope and to seek the advice of a qualified attorney who specializes in DUI Defense. Of course, these results may not be the results in your particular case but they are representative of resolutions we receive day in and day out.

People v. Eric J.
Refusal of all tests and FST's. DUI matter dismissed by the Kern County District Attorney's Office. DMV Appeal via Writ resulted in voluntary reversal of DMV ruling by Attorney General of the State of California.

People v. Bradley T.
Client was stopped by California Highway Patrol Officers and blew point .084 and .089 via Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test and .091 and .094 at the station via an evidentiary machine. Case dismissed.

People v. Daniel E.
.18 Second-Time DUI. Dismissed. License reinstated.

People v. Jerry R.
.24 DUI Dismissed and license reinstated.

People v. Robert M.
Roll-over vehicle accident with injuries to other vehicle. Over the limit DUI Dismissed. License Reinstated.

People v. Nick C.
Second time DUI with Refusal. Case reduced to Reckless Driving and license reinstatement.

People v. D.K.
.15 Class A DUI with Hazard Material Endorsements. Reduced to Reckless Driving and License reinstated.

People v. Alan L.
.22 DUI. Case dismissed and license reinstated.

People v. Amy W.
.26 Second DUI. Case Dismissed and License reinstated.

People v. Randy J.
.15 DUI Acquitted. License reinstated.

People v. Emilio H.
.23 DUI dismissed day of trial with license reinstatement.

People v. Robert M.
.11 DUI driving in excess of 100 MPH. Dismissed with license reinstatement.

People v. Jennifer M.
.11 DUI pled to dry reckless with return of license.

People v. Sylvia M.
Writ of APS Decision granted on 1280 grounds. Attorneys fees awarded.

DMV v. Isiah S.
Set aside license suspension on 1280 grounds.

DMV v. Janice JH.
.16 DUI Set aside on 1280 grounds. Trial scheduled.

DMV v. Stacey C.
Over .20 Set aside. Trial scheduled.

DMV v. S.K.
Refusal set aside for lack of probable cause to stop.

People v. S.K.
Prosecution for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs. All charges dismissed in exchange for plea to an infraction of weaving and $195.00 fine.

People v. Ian B.
.09 DUI dismissed. License reinstated.

DMV v. Rochelle W.
Set-aside granted on .10% blood alcohol. License retained.

People v. Ian S.
.15/.15 DUI with rollover accident. Plea to dry reckless with one year dismissal.

People v. Ronald A.
.23 DUI with rear end car accident caused by client. 4 occupants of car. Dismissal of Felony to 1st time DUI.

DMV v. Jerry R.
.27 Second DUI. License reinstated without suspension. Pending Criminal Case.

People v. Kenneth T.
.17/.18 DUI after reported by private citizen. Bad driving and horrible SFSTs. Dismissed by Judge following prosecution case.

People v. Armando L.
.13/.13/.13/.13 DUI. Won both DMV and trial. Trial verdict in 13 minutes.

People v. Brian T.
.10/.10 breath case. Trial verdict: Not guilty all counts.

People v. Carlie A.
.15/.15 Breath and Blood case. Trial Verdict: Not guilty all counts.

People v. Shannon F.
.10 PAS to .13 Blood. Mid trial, after disqualifying expert, Mr. Brehmer accepted a 2 year conditional dismissal to a dry reckless offer.

People v. Gerald P.
.18 Blood case. Accepted offer of drunk in public.

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